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Matt Omahan


Born in Battle Creek, Michigan, United States of America and raised in Gambier, Ohio, United States of America, Matt Omahan has been composing electronic and acoustic music for almost a decade.  His main focuses are acousmatic composition, modular synthesizers, and acoustic composition.  His most recent studies were at the University of Manchester (UK), earna Master's Degree in Electroacoustic Music Composition, studying under David Berezan and Ricardo Climent.  Omahan is an alumnus of Oberlin Conservatory of Music’s Technology in Music and the Related Arts program with an Acoustic Composition minor, primarily studying with Tom Lopez, Peter Swendsen, Josh Levine, and Aaron Helgeson. Additionally, Omahan has taken lessons and participated in masterclasses with composers such as Kaija Saariaho, George Lewis, Marcos Balter, Fred Lerdahl, Elizabeth Hoffman, David Lang, and Ross Feller.  

Omahan has performed and engineered at the Marlboro Music Festival.  In the 2015 season, 4 instrument and electronics pieces by the composer-in-residence, Kaija Saariaho, were performed.  Nymphea, for String Quartet and Electronics, featured performers Tessa Lark (violin), Lucy Chapman (violin), John Stulz (viola), and Sarah Rommel (cello).  Over thirty hours of intense rehearsal under the careful guidance of Saariaho and Jean-Baptiste Barrière were put into these performances.  Outside of these performances, Omahan is also the Assistant Recording Engineer, where he aided in recording and producing recordings that see play on National Public Radio.

Outside of the Marlboro Music Festival Omahan is a freelance recording engineer.  His most recent project was assisting with a surround sound recording of The Crossing Choir performing “Canticles of the Holy Wind” by John Luther Adams.  This recording will be released in 2017.

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